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My name is Gary and, after graduating college in 2008, my cousin and I built one of the largest torrent search engines. If you are not familiar with “torrents”, they are the most popular form of peer-to-peer file sharing, allowing you to download virtually anything for free.

A month after launching, we were getting more than 300,000 visitors per month. A few months after that, we built another torrent site with a different design and interface to target users who may have wanted another style of searching. In the first month, that site too was receiving more than 300,000 visitors per month. As of 2014, each averages more than 2M visitors per month.

It was during these ventures that I learned the amazing potential of the internet, as well as came to the realization that I loved to build things. To provide people around the world with useful tools and information, and for them to continuously revisit my websites, gave me great satisfaction and continued inspiration.

Long story short, I eventually built a number of websites and blogs that made it possible for me to quit my day job and focus on building my internet company. At one point, I started and managed more than 50 blogs. Today, I spend my time growing about a dozen authority sites, some of which average over 1,000,000 visits a month.

Now, I want to pass on that knowledge to you. is the culmination of years of research and experience. We will discuss everything from the basics of how to start a blog to promotion, outreach, on-page SEO, link building strategies, growing traffic, and making money blogging online. If you are looking to build a blog, you’ve come to the right place!

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