How To Start A Music Blog

So you want to start a music blog and become a successful music blogger? There are bloggers who may tell you it’s not easy to make money online or that the competition in the music blogging industry is high, but don’t let those people discourage you. If your goal is starting a music blog and you’re passionate about it, just do it! Creating a blog takes 15 minutes and costs less than $5 per month. If you can’t spare a few dollars a month for your online business idea or hobby, you’ll never get far turning your dreams into reality.

How To Start A Music Blog

Why Start A Music Blog?

Like anything else in life or business, starting a blog and making money online requires determination, consistency, and patience. You won’t make a million dollars your first year, but you could make an extra $10,000. And who knows, with hard work and a little luck, you could sell your blog for 6-figures a few years from now. Take it from someone who has built, grown and sold dozens of websites, it can be done.

Yet, if you want to start a successful music blog, I don’t recommend you do it for the money. Don’t quit your career or day job to start your own blog and then stress about not earning enough to pay your bills. Your passion and creativity will be the driving force of your success, and you won’t do your music website justice if you’re constantly worried about how to make money from it. Build your traffic and reader base with great content, grow your social media followers, and the money will follow in the form of advertisers, brands, and artists wanting to tap into your audience.

The other benefits of creating a music blog include:

  • being invited to live shows and concerts for free
  • getting free music and pre-releases sent to you for review
  • receiving free swag (concert tickets, headphones, shirts, autographed memorabilia, etc.)
  • befriending musicians and artists

If starting a music blog sounds rewarding, let’s discuss the “how-to” process.

Choosing A Blogging Platform

If you’re starting your first blog, you may be worried about the “technical” part of setting up your own music blog. This scares a lot of people into creating a free account at Tumblr or Blogger, but what they don’t realize is that you lose ownership and control when these free blog sites host your content. For example, if you make a blog with Tumblr, you’ll be stuck with a domain name that looks like as opposed to a professional blog name that reads! Furthermore, these free blog platforms have limitations that can affect the growth and income potential of your blog in the future. vs.

Instead, the best way to start your blog is to buy your own hosting from the beginning and install the most popular blogging software in the world – WordPress. Unfortunately, many new bloggers mistake (the free blog platform) with (the self-hosted blogging software). While both versions are free, severely limits you like the other free blogging sites.

On the other hand, WordPress (the free blogging software from comes with your hosting plan and is user-friendly, flexible, and easy to learn. In fact, WordPress is so easy, yet powerful that the majority of blogs are built on it. Later, I will teach you how to start your music blog and install WordPress, step-by-step.

Use The Best Web Hosting Company

Web hosting is very cheap and can get even cheaper depending on the length of your plan. From my experience, the best hosting company is BlueHost.

With BlueHost, you get a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, access to a free 1-click WordPress install, 24/7 customer service, and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee all for less than $5 per month. Think of BlueHost as your website’s online hard drive – it will store your blog’s files, videos, images, content, etc.

If you are aspiring to become one of the best music bloggers online and don’t want your blog’s potential to be capped, I highly recommend you buy hosting. The next section will walk you through the process of buying hosting, installing WordPress, and finally starting your music blog.

How To Start A Music Blog – A Step-By-Step Guide

To build your music blog with a self-hosted version of WordPress and get my special 40% off discount with BlueHost, click here or the image below. Then click the “Get Started Now” button to choose your hosting package.

How To Start A Music Blog - BlueHost

For new bloggers, I recommend the “Starter” plan. However, if you can afford the “Plus” plan and think you may want the option of starting additional blogs in the future, you can opt to take advantage of it.

How To Start A Music Blog - Choosing A Hosting Plan

To get your free domain from BlueHost, enter it in the “New Domain” box on the left and press “Next“. If you already own a domain name and want to use it for your music blog, enter your existing domain name into the box on the right.

If your new domain is available to register, the process will move on and ask for your account information. If your domain of choice isn’t available, then BlueHost will make suggestions. If you get stuck coming up with a cool blog name, try adding misspellings, prefixes, suffixes, or adjectives such as “The”, “My”, “Pop”, “Indie”, etc.

How To Start A Music Blog - Buy A Domain Name

After choosing a blog name, you will be asked for your account information. Hopefully you don’t need my help with that!

When selecting your hosting package, I recommend the “Starter 36 Month” plan because it locks in your discount for 3 years. However, you are free to choose whichever plan best fits your budget because the 12, 24, and 36 month options all provide the same performance. BlueHost just rewards you with a cheaper rate the longer you commit to staying with them.

I also recommend you uncheck all the additional add-ons except maybe the “Domain Privacy Protection” option. If you don’t want anyone to see the ownership details of your website then domain privacy keeps your personal contact information confidential.

How To Start A Blog - Choose Hosting Plan

After processing your billing information, BlueHost will create your hosting account. Within minutes, you should receive an email from BlueHost to confirm your account is ready. Once set up, you can login via the BlueHost homepage by clicking on the login tab at the top.

How To Start A Music Blog - Login

Enter the username and password you chose when registering. Once logged-in to your account control panel, we can install your WordPress blog. Look under the “Website” section and click on “Install WordPress“.

How To Start A Blog - BlueHost CPanel

You will now be taken to the WordPress installation page. Click on the “Install” button to begin.

How To Start A Music Blog - Install WordPress

Select your domain from the drop-down menu and click “Check Domain“. Make sure to leave the “Directory” section empty.

How To Start A Music Blog - Check Domain

Check the “Show Advanced Options” box to enter your site title and WordPress username/password. Your blog’s name and password can be changed later, but for security purposes, do not make your username “admin”. When you are happy, check the terms and conditions box at the bottom and click “Install Now“.

How To Start A Music Blog - WordPress Login Information

WordPress is now officially installing and setting up your blog. When the installation is complete, you will receive an email with your login information. Use the “Admin URL” to log in to WordPress and start blogging about music!