How To Start A Food Blog

Are your family and friends always telling you that you should start a food blog? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to create a blog and finally realized you should combine your love of cooking and recipes to become a food blogger! If starting a food blog is important to you but your not sure how to deal with the “technical” stuff or where to even begin, this step-by-step guide is for you. I am going to teach you how to start a food blog and you’re going to do it in less than 15 minutes and for as little as $3.49 per month in hosting.

How To Start A Food Blog

Starting Your Own Food Blog – The 3 Basic Steps

These steps will help you set up a beautiful, self-hosted WordPress blog just like the successful food bloggers you probably follow everyday.

  1. Come up with a blog name and buy your domain.
    • Cost: Free with BlueHost; otherwise, $10-15 per year elsewhere.
    • Your domain name should be short, easy to remember, and preferably end in “.com”.
  2. Buy cheap, reliable web hosting.
    • Cost: $3.49 per month with BlueHost; otherwise, $5 to $15 per month elsewhere.
    • A web hosting company stores your blog/website and all its files, allowing people around the world to find and access your food blog.
  3. Install WordPress.
    • Cost: Free!
    • WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world. Chances are, 90% of the blogs you read are powered by WordPress, including this one. Without WordPress, I would have never been able to start, grow and manage over 50 blogs.

After the completion of these 3 simple steps, you’ll be ready to start blogging about food, cooking, recipes, etc.

Choosing A Blog Name

Coming up with a blog name can be a challenge for some food bloggers because the ideal name should be descriptive, memorable, and easy to type. Your blog name will ultimately become a part of your brand so brainstorm words or phrases that describe you, your cooking style, the types of recipes you’ll be posting, your food blog’s theme, etc.

If you’re having trouble making a list of blog names you love, consider using synonyms, adding adjectives, or prefixes/suffixes. This list of alternate options will be useful in case your domain name isn’t available. However, I would not recommend you resort to hyphens or anything but a “.com” extension.

Just remember that you can get your domain for free when you sign up to buy web hosting so wait to register your blog’s name.

Choosing A Web Host

If you want to start your own food blog and be taken seriously by readers and other bloggers, you need to buy a hosting plan and set up a WordPress blog. A free Tumblr or Blogger account just won’t cut it if you really want to grow your blog and make money online. But you don’t have to take my word for it – look at all your favorite food bloggers and a vast majority have a self-hosted WordPress blog.

When it comes to buying the best web hosting, I highly recommend BlueHost for beginners. While I’m also a fan of GoDaddy because of their comparable server performance, their back-end user interface is far more complex for new bloggers. This is why I recommend BlueHost – they offer the perfect balance between cheap hosting, excellent customer service, 24/7 tech support, reliable and fast server performance, and a user-friendly platform.

How To Start A Food Blog – Step By Step

When starting a food blog, click here or the image below to get my special 40% off discount with BlueHost. No promotion code required – you’ll just get a rare discount on their normal rates.

How To Start A Food Blog - BlueHost

After clicking “Get Started Now“, you will be asked to pick a hosting package. For new bloggers, I recommend the “Starter” plan option, but if you can afford it and want the flexibility to start any number of blogs on the same server, you can opt for the “Plus” option too.

How To Start A Food Blog - Choosing A Hosting Plan

After choosing a hosting plan, you will have the chance to get your free domain. Enter your blog name in the box labeled “New Domain” and click “Next“. If your domain name is available, you will be directed to a page asking for your account information; if not, go down your list of creative food blog names.

How To Start A Food Blog - Buy A Domain Name

After settling on a name, complete your account information.

Now, the next section on “Package Information” is important. Personally, I always sign up for the “Starter 36 Month” option to lock in the cheapest price. First, you won’t have to worry about web hosting for a long time. Second, if you change your mind for any reason and want to cancel your plan, you will be refunded the balance of your payment, so why not take advantage of the low rate for 3 years. Nevertheless, all the options offer the same server performance and type of hosting, so select whichever plan best fits your budget!

The only add-on worth buying is the “Domain Privacy Protection” because it shields your personal information, including address and phone number, from being publicly displayed. While it isn’t a necessity, I prefer to have it.

How To Start A Food Blog - BlueHost Plan Info

Once you’ve completed the billing process, you will receive an email confirming the creation of your BlueHost account.

Log in to your account, find the “Website” section and click on “Install WordPress” to begin the installation.

How To Start A Food Blog - Building A Website

On the next page, click the “Install” button to get started.

How To Start A Food Blog - Install WordPress

Choose your domain from the drop-down menu and click “Check Domain“. Be sure to leave the “Directory” field empty.

How To Start A Food Blog - Check Domain

Now check the “Show Advanced Options” box to enter your site title (blog name) and WordPress username/password information. Your blog’s name and password can always be changed later, so you don’t need to stress over those options. However, do not make your username “admin” for security purposes.

When you are done, check the terms and conditions box and then click “Install Now“.

How To Start A Food Blog - WordPress Login Information

WordPress is now installing! In a few short minutes, you should see a message stating “Your install is complete!” At this time, click on the “View Credentials” button and save your Admin URL, Username, and Password. You should also receive an email with this information.

How To Start A Food Blog - WordPress Installation Complete

To access your WordPress blog, go to the Admin URL ( in your web browser and enter your username and password.

WordPress Login

You’ve officially logged into your blog and are ready to become a successful food blogger!